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On Demand Technical Resources - for YOU

DrRheology is a UK business to business company supplying a range of technical products.

Our products are mainly concerned with materials and process measurements.

Our on demand services are mainly to enhance and supplement existing technical resources in your company.

DrRheology has in depth experience of materials, processes and machines. Our ongoing work of solving complex flow problems helps us create high performance test equipment. Our testing and analysis projects range from simple testing to complex and on going projects. Examples of simple assignments are - analysing data, testing the viscosity of a fluid or a paste, implementing the correct calculations and the training of staff. Medium sized assignments would cover subjects like the modelling of a process, reformulating a fluid to prevent phase separation. Large assignments would cover subjects like the implementation of in process measurement system with analysis and control.

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Products you can order

Description and Benefit


TOG measurements to BS BS5335 - Easy to configure to other standards
Fully automatic measurement with almost no overheads
Accurate traceable measurements

Multi Rheometers

These are high performance precision fluid flow measuring systems.
Measurements include shear viscosity, extensional viscosity, wall slip,
degradation, fracture, rupture, swelling, pvt, thermal conductivity
normal stress difference, die swell, yield stress.
Suitable for polymer melts, paints, inks, foods, soft solids,
pastes, pharmaceuticals, oils, suspensions.
Process applications covered include coating, extrusion, injection, spinning
mixing, pumping, lubrication.

In Process Measurement Systems

Get measurements directly from your process.
Pressure, temperauture, flow rates, rheology.
Giving better control of process, better yield of product, better quality of product


The MFI machine is a low cost rheometer designed to give single point data.
The MFIgenie software converts MFI results into rheology data.

Coating Centre

This is one system that measures and simulates coating.
Measure coating properties and display real time coating properties.
Measures and predicts coating performance at varying process conditions.
Suitable for R&D and QC.

Process Control

Design, supply, installation and service of process control equipment.


Supply of SCADA software and hardware for process measurement and control.


Precision dies for rheometers and fine processes.
Coextrusion die system for twin bore rheometers.
Low cost dies for look and see experiments.

Spray Nozzles

Precision spray nozzles for process and laboratory spraying.
Spray from fine mists to large droplets with narrow to wide particle size distribution.

Advanced Adhesive

This is a thermally activated adhesive.
It can be supplied in film or hot melt form. You can stick PP to PP at engineering strength.
Suitable for composites, structures, fabrics.
It can be used as a high performance seal that can be serviced.
Glues and seals parts together where others fail !

Advanced Adhesive Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit for advanced adhesives.
Please specify your application(s) before ordering.

Resources you can order


Materials Testing

Testing of fluids, soft solids and solids.
Flow properties, Mechanical properties, Thermal properties,
Chemical composition.
Basic to complex flow behaviour. Solving flow problems.

Technical Projects

Our team spends a lot of time solving complex flows and material formulation properties.
We would like to help you.
Ideal for short to medium sized projects.

Technical Analysis

Ideal for defining, progressing and solving data and maths problems.
Define simple and complicated problems.
Solve simple and complicated problems.
Visualise the meaning of data.

Technical QuickSheet

Concise information sheets
Easy to read - Easy to use - Easy to implement.
In Word for static information.
In Excel or MathCAD for live calculations.

Technical Training

Training in flow and material properties.
We help to extend your in house capabilities.
MathCAD (up to V15) cousrses in Rheology, Mixing and blending, Coating.

Technical Media

Ideal for flyers, presentations, user instructions.
Integrate words, pictures, animations, video.

Technical Writing

Ideal for data sheets, manuals, user instructions.
Integrate words, mathematics, diagrams, pictures.


Service process instrumentation, service rheometers.
Reduce costs by implementing a managed service programme


Calibration of process instrumentation and rheometers
Reduce costs by implementing a managed calibration programme

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