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About DrRheology

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DrRheology Limited

DrRheology is a UK based business to business company supplying a range of technical products and "on demand" technical resources. Clients can have support ranging from a quick "look and see" project to an in-depth study. Assignments range from 1 day ( e.g. analysing some data, testing the viscosity of a fluid or a paste, implementing the correct calculations, training staff ) to specified projects ( e.g. implementation of in process measurement system with analysis and control). Very short projects are suitable for evaluating quality problems as well as exploring new possibilities in a process or a material. Our technical products cover measuring fluids in the lab, to implementing in process measurements. We can implement the monitoring and control of simple to large processes - with the in depth capability to understand and model the process. Our SCADA system is robust, well proven and commercially attractive - even with customisation. Our industrial clients range from large blue chip companies to small SME's, our academic clients are mainly from materials, engineering and medical.

We'd like the opportunity to help you, and your business.

Technical office

DrRheology Ltd
6 Coventry Avenue,
Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH66 2GL, UK
Email : info@DrRheology.com
Tel : 0151 339 4319

Fax no : +44 1244 230 217 (fax to email system).


Normal Office Hours


Monday - Fri 09:00 to 17:00.
For contracts - the hours are as specified in the contract.

Company Holidays


Not including special contracts, our holiday periods follow UK Statutory holidays + the periods shown below.
Christmas: Friday 17th Dec 2010 until Wednesday 5th January 2011.


Administrative Office - as above.
Manufacturing : Skelmersdale, Birmingham, Rochdale
Laboratories : Wrexham

Nearest Airports

Manchester, 35 minutes.
Liverpool,     20 minutes.

By Road

From the M6 near Manchester, follow M56 towards Chester (.request for a map )

Origin of the DrRheology name

The DrRheology name (pronounced as "Doctor - Rheology") and character is copyright. It was originally used for an educational cartoon character . This character was used globally to assist in educational and training lectures on rheology and processing (you may already have a booklet or lecture notes with DrRheology in your library). The name was obtained and adopted as it represents a large part of the work here - quantifying and qualifying materials and processes.




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