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Calibration Of Systems

We carry out calibration, service and repair of specialised test equipment like rheometers, instrumented process systems and instrumented impact test systems. These usually employ a number of measurement and control sub systems which not only have to be calibrated, but the system as a whole must be brought into correct operation. We also calibrate and bring into correct operation large scale ovens, kilns and other industrial heating systems.

Most manufacturing processes have numerous monitoring systems which require calibration. We can supply you with the commercially attractive benefit of a managed program for all of the plant critical instrumentation on your site. All calibrations are UKAS traceable.

All control systems use setpoint values. In many processes, the setpoint is derived from off-line reference material. DrRheology is a specialist company in the implementation of this calibration technique.

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Calibration of system

All transducers within the system are calibrated
The functionality of the system is confirmed
Calibration against reference materials where required
Request for Calibration

Transfer Standard Calibration

We calibrate your measurement process against known material(s)
Procedure is to ISO Standard, NIST standard.
.Request for Transfer Standard Calibration

Process limitation

We can measure, analyse and advise you on the goodness of calibration that can be achieved with your materials and process
Request for Process limitation study

Fit for purpose

Full engineering report on system
All deficiencies reported
Engineering recommendations reported
Request for Fit for Purpose evaluation

Repairs and commissioning

Faulty parts repaired or replaced
System brought back into correct operational specification
Request for Repairs and Commissioning

Breakdown Maintenance

Instant call out service - first come first served.
Ideal for helping with QC problems
Ideal for assessing new sources of materials
Request for Breakdown Maintenance

Maintenance contract

Schedule of preventive maintenance.
Priority call out
Lower call out rates.
Request for Maintenance contract

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