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High precision dies

Dies enable rheometers to cover a huge range of flow rates and shear rates. They enable a wide variety of experimentation and materials to be tested. Without being able to change dies, a rheometer is like a car stuck in one gear. Dies also are the most sensitive part of any rheometer in terms of getting precise and accurate measurements - a very small error in the die geometry results in a big error. The problem is even more severe when tests like wall slip are performed.

In simple terms, dies bring capability and flexibility to a rheometer. Dies require to be very accurately made, and need to maintain that accuracy. DrRheology has been involved with precision dies for many years. We supply dies that are of the highest quality and capability. We also have a range of products to enhance the usefulness of dies and test systems.

Parts you can order now



Long Dies.

Standard Range of Tungsten carbide Dies
5 Micron tolerance
Length from 4 to 32mm
Diameter from 0.25mm
Entry angle 90 to 180 degrees - open angle.
Steel holder
Go/Nogo gauge
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Very Long Dies

Lengths greater than 32mm
Non stock item made to order
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Short dies

Tungsten carbide Die
5 Micron tolerance
Zero length - standard
Custom short length dies are available.
Diameter from 0.25mm
Entry angle 90 to 180 degrees - open angle
Integral steel holder
Go/Nogo gauge
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Fast Change Die System New


Stainless Steel Die holder.
Dies in Stainless Steel.
45 Microns to 2,700 Micron range.
For low viscosity fluids.
For water and solvent based systems.
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Hyperbolic Dies

For constant extension rate testing
Tungsten carbide construction
Exit diameter down to 1mm
Length up to 16mm.

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Conical Exit Dies

For die swell and die drool measurements
Tool Steel Die
External Heater with Temperature Control
Entry angle from 90 to 180 degrees.
Exit angle from 90 to 180 degrees.
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Serial die system


Make long and short die measurements simultaneously from a single bore rheometer
Tool steel assembly
Two Dies - long, short any combination.
Heating system with control.
Two calibrated transducers
Computer, Amplifier and data capture software.
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Static Mixer

Static mixer for use on capillary rheometers
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Coextrusion die system


Coextrusion die system for any twin bore rheometer
Steel body assembly
Tool steel dies
Die inserts allow wide variation in geometry
Heating system with control included
Fixtures to locate on any twin bore rheometer.
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Slot die system


Slot die assembly for single or twin bore rheometers
Width 10mm
Length 110mm
Depth from 0.25mm
Three transducer ports
Heating system with control
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Measurement system

PC with data capture board and analysis software.
This is a custom supply to your requirements due to the fast changing
hardware options available to us.
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Repair and cleaning service


We can repair most dies.
Also, many dies become blemished or are contaminated with difficult to remove residues. Most of these can be cleaned; the major advantage being that there is no material to contaminate the experiment.
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Prototyping dies

We can supply dies for prototyping and sighting work. These are dies made from a variety of materials and techniques to create low cost dies.
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about this product range.

On Demand Sample Testing

We can test your material and recommend the optimum range of dies required for more extended testing (QC or research).
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