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Active Enquiry Form (PDF enquiry sheet for downloading and faxing/posting/Emailing back to DrRheology) EF1
Active Order Form (PDF form used for placing orders for On Demand Services from DrRheology) OF1
Active MultiRheometer Flyer MRF
Request Rheology For Processing Map RPM4
Request Rheology for processing map (PDF A4 poster version) RFP1
Request Maintenance Strategy Summary (PDF single sheet) MSS3
Request Rheometer Calculations (2) CRC2
Request Errors In Rheological Measurements ERM2
Request Importance of Isentropic expansion IIE
Request Ceramic Rheology Notes CRN3
Request PIM Notes PIM2
Request Frontsheet of Hyerbolic Die Design Guide HYPD
Request New Micelle Distribution MIC02
Request Results for Silicone Oils SO1K5K
Request Results for Paints PRC2
Request. Drawings for heating system (PDF) 3ZHS
Request. Training support files for Rheology training 101 TR101
Request. Calibration of on-line rheometer. CALIL04
Request. Maslow's hierarchy MASH
Request. Valuation of small business. BVSB
Request. Die equations for Bingham fluids. EQNSB
Request. Example Presentation PPT31
Request. Rheometer Manuals. UMR
Request. Modular Prototype MCP2
Request. Calibration details of good transducer. CAL500A
Request. Calibration details of faulty transducer CAL500B
Request. Results for HDPE HDPE07
Request. Results for BIOMASS BIOMR
Request. Results for INK INK02
Request. Analysis of Micelle Distribution MIC01
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