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On demand Training

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Owning a rheometer is an expensive part of any business. It is important to maximise the return on the investment of your equipment and your staff. DrRheology can help by ensuring your equipment is in good working order. We can also help your staff to fully understand and use the instrument as well as the data obtained.

We have some "off the peg" courses and some distance learning courses. However, students have always been very enthusiastic for face to face tuition in small groups.

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Practical Rheology For Technicians

General introduction to rheology; shear, extension, slip
Minimum mathematics
Broad understanding of fluids
Flow behaviour in test equipment and processes
Handout notes, Powerpoint and Excel

Flow Calculations For Technicians

Review of rheology
Overview of calculation types.
Overview of industrial flow situations
Worked examples
Handout notes, Powerpoint and Excel

Getting The Most From Your Rheometer

Overview of rheology
Fluid behaviour
Review of laboratory measurements and reporting
Review of rheometers
Case studies in testing
Handout notes, Powerpoint and Excel

Advanced Capillary Rheometer Training

Overview of rheology and rheometry
Assumptions made in rheology measurements
Error model of rheology measurements
Case studies; Extreme range of shear measurements.
Extreme range of extensional measurements
Wall slip, degradation, fracture, rupture.

Technical Quicksheets

We have a range range of data sheets, Powerpoint presentations, web presentations on specific subjects.

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