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In Process Measurements

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In Process measurements

Process measurements can greatly improve most processes. By obtaining knowledge of what is happening, this leads to a better understanding of the process and how to implement better control. All this leads to higher throughput, lower costs, higher quality and greatly improved safety.We are experienced at implementing process measurement and control small scale industrial processes. Projects include the design , installation, commissioning and on going support of automation across a full manufacturing facility. Technology capability includes full logging, analysis and control (local and remote) through SCADA.

One of the major features of in process measurements is the ability to quantitatively assess the process and the material. In many instances, the material can be measured for QC and full product release from the measurements made in the process. This has a great saving of costs.

Parts and services you can order


Measurement systems

DrRheology offers the design, installation, commissioning and maintaining of control and measurement systems. We offer our own proprietary control system as well as other OEM systems.

In Process Viscosity

Improved quality, processing and control through continuous viscosity measurement with no moving parts, no waste and no human overheads.


In Process Rheology

Improve process and improve materials - automatically using the process as the rheometer. From simple fluids throufgh to complex fluids. Includes polymer melt flow testing without waste material, time delays and complex costly machinery.


Custom design

Our design engineers are experienced in mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic industrial systems. Historical designs include industrial displays, heating systems, plant automation, and handling systems.


Some imported engineering equipment may not fully meet the requirements of the final application. We can reengineer the system to fully meet safety legislation (e.g. CE) and the industrial application.

Prototype Building

Working with the client, we design and build prototype machines. We take active involvement in planning the project and setting objectives and milestones. Our engineers carry out detailed trials and report the details back to the customer as required.


Our programmers adhere to well documented industry standard practices. The software is controlled through design, implementation and field stages. Our software is fully supported within the product lifecycle by regular releases as well as contracted direct support.

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