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In process rheology measurements

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Rheology is the science of flow and deformation. It is normal to consider simple fluids as having a viscosity value (say 1000 poise) and a complex fluid as having a rheological model (say Carreau model with known values for the parameters).

Manufacturing plants can implement the measurement of rheology in a number of ways with varying levels of accuracy, precision, stability, timeliness, reliability, wastefulness etc. The use of "In process measurements" is the modern solution to making rheology measurements on a process plant - the process is the rheometer. This gives the highest level of automation, with the lowest cost, the highest reliability and no waste. You can't get better !

DrRheology we can implement in process measurement of both simple fluids and complex fluids in your process. These measurements can be used to control the process, or to qualify the manufactured material as a QA/QC tool. Measurements and analysis can be integrated into the local control system or implemented on a stand alone computer with logging and communications.

You can order products or consultancy for :-


In Process Rheology Consultancy

Can your material and process be improved ?
We can measure your material and process. This allows us to advise on the level of accuracy, precision and timeliness of measurements that can be made.


In Process Viscosity

Improve process and improve materials.
Ideal for low viscosity liquids.
No moving parts
Very stable measurement
Low overheads


In Process Shear Viscosity

Improve process and improve materials.
Ideal for shear thinning fluids
No moving parts
Low overheads
Referenced to your standard fluids


In Process Extensional Viscosity

Improve process and improve materials
Ideal for highly structured fluids and melts
Very sensitive to fluid changes
Ideal measurement for fluids used in spraying or film production


In Process Melt Flow

Improve process and improve materials
Ideal for polymer melts
No moving parts
No wasted material
No waste material to dispose of
Referenced to your Melt Flow standards
Ideal for process control and QC/QA
Low cost and running overheads


In Process Yield Stress

Improve process and improve materials
Ideal for gels and pastes.
Low overheads
Fast and efficient
No commitment to fixed overheads



Calibration of existing measurement systems
including ISO and NIST transfer standard methods


Cross Correlation and Simulation

Improve legacy equipment.
Make results from various existing equipments (including legacy off-line, at-line and on-line systems) agree with each other


Process flow simulation

Detailed flow calculations help optimise process rates and geometry.


Off Line Fluid Characterisation

Polymer, Paint, Ink, Water based fluids, Organic solvent based fluids, Ceramic pastes and slips

Understand your material in detail
(shear viscosity, extensional viscosity, degradation, rupture, fracture, slip)
Predict process behaviour and optimisation (conveying, mixing, extrusion, injection, pumping).


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