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Service for IT

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On demand IT service & support.

Computer hardware, operating systems, support programs, applications software and staffing - are all constantly changing. Achieving and maintaining the high productivity levels offered by modern IT can be quite a challenge in itself.

DrRheology can help you. We have a very strong technical background and our roots are in technology. We rely on computers in our business, we rely on computers with our products. We have a strong control of IT and can support you across a wide platform of hardware, software, communications and applications.

Resource you can order


On Demand IT support

Network installation and maintenance.
Integration of IT
Upgrading of systems
Implementation housekeeping
Remote diagnostics & support

On Demand Application Training

Operating systems.
Application packages-
- Office,Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Frontpage
- MathCAD
- Photoshop

On Demand Database Support

Data entry
Data sorting and restructuring
Database programming - Access, SQL

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