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MFIgenie - precise and low cost rheology

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MFIgenie system

The melt flow test (extrusion plastometer) for polymers is one of the oldest and most entrenched tests in the plastics industry. It's popularity stems both from the long historical presence and it's substantially low cost compared to alternatives.
Melt Flow results (following standards like ISO and ASTM) contain information about the polymer being tested. With a little bit of additional equipment and software a whole host of information becomes available - in fact, the Melt Flow Tester becomes a valuable rheometer. The user becomes empowered to measure and understand the melt in much more detail, and , resolve more problems.

Products you can order


MFIgenie software

Low cost calculation of -
- Average Molecular Weight.
- Molecular Weight Distribution
- Calculation of shear viscosity
- Fitting of Power Law Model for shear viscosity
- Calculation of extensional flow
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MFIgenie dies

Non standard dies to extend measurement
Tungsten Carbide and Steel Dies Available
Dies Fit Standard Melt Flow Testers
Request for MFIgenie Dies

MFIgenie weights

Most Testers Already Have Specific Weights Supplied - DrRheology can supply additional augmenting weights where required
Request for MFIgenie Weights

MFIgenie System

Melt Flow Tester (extrusion plastometer) supplied with MFIgenie software and dies
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Other Useful Resource you can order


Analysis of your existing data

We can take your existing data files and :-
Fit data to any standard model
Fit data to shear, extension and slip.
Request for Analysis

Calculation of process effect

We can calculate :-
1. The process pressures that will result from the measurements on your material
2. The process changes that will take place as a result of changes to the rheology of the polymer melt
Request for Process Calculations

Melt Flow Training

We can train your staff to make measurements in strict accordance with Standards and best practices. We can also train them on how to interpret and use the data.
Request for Melt Flow Training

On Demand Service

Ideal for short jobs as small as one day.
Ideal for "quick look and see" projects
Optimise staffing levels using out-tasking
No commitment to fixed overheads
Request for Service

On Demand Calibration

Ideal for quick look at fluids
Ideal for helping with QC problems
Ideal for assessing new sources of materials
Request for Calibration

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