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On demand analysis

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Rheological Analysis

Mathematics allow us to "see" things that are, otherwise, invisible -- from cognitive processes to the fluid flows that keep airplanes in the air, and they better people's lives by helping us solve important problems
All companies perform analysis; analysis of production, analysis of finance, analysis of technical performance, analysis of sales and marketing, analysis for R&D etc.

DrRheology can help supplement your existing analytical resources. We can take on board repeated analytical tasks. We can automate existing analytical tasks. We can help explore new ideas and products where analysis is required. We can create live calculations that can be used across your company or used by clients.

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Mathematical Analysis

A friendly help in laying out and defining the maths.
Modelling problems
Solving Multivariable problems
Exploring optimisation
What If explorations
Documenting the analysis
Exploring variants on the analysis and mathematical representation
Incorporating definitions into data sheets and manuals

Statistical Analysis

Fitting data to standard satirical models
Assessing probability
Probability plots

Data Analysis

Standard data analysis functions
Sorting, ranking, matching, lookup, maxima, minima, correlation
location, dispersion, association, contour/scatter surface plots
Interpolation, regression, quality of fit, residuals

Image Analysis

Image manipulation, colour manipulation, combining images,
geometric transforms, convolution, filtering, morphing, transforms,
edge detection, feature extraction, segmentation, enhancement,

Signal Analysis

FFT and reverse transforms, spectral analysis, digital filtering,
Time series analysis, transforms, JTFA

Rheology Analysis

Fitting data to models
Comparing rheology data
Shifting results for temperature
Analysis of errors
NEW - MathCAD for Rheology course

Flow Analysis

Process calculations
Process simulation
Die design
Energy considerations
Plant Problem Analysis From Noise Measurements

Heating Analysis

For Kilns and Furnaces
For burner design

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