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Multi-Rheometers ™

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Multi-Rheometers ™

The DrRheology MultiRheometer™ systems are a new generation of rheometer that perform more than one function. These systems are based on high performance twin bore rheometer technology. The capability is then extended by adding various optional test fixtures. This also includes a range of tensile tests and extensional rheology from lubricated biaxial compression testing. Some of the advanced features on the MultiRheometer systems cannot be found on any other rheometer system.

This means that 1 test system can measure :-1. Shear viscosity. 2. Extensional viscosity through contraction flow. 3. Extensional viscosity through fibre pulling. 4. Extensional viscosity through biaxial compression. 5. Degradation in shear and extension. 6. Gelation. 7. Fracture. 8. Rupture. 9.Wall slip. 10. Elasticity in shear. 11. Elasticity in extension. 12. PVT. 13. Die swell. 14. First normal stress difference.

The systems can measure almost any fluid that flows - from stiff bitumen to aqueous solutions. They can be configured to measure over the temperature range -60c to 500c.

Testing times vary from 10 mins to an hour depending on the complexity of the fluid and the test.

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Above - the top of the range FS150 MultiRheometer™.
Floor standing frame with twin bore hastalloy barrel, fast change transducer system, fast change die system, extrudate heat exchanger and advanced fibre spinning system.

Below - the entry level M350 MultiRheometer™.
Bench mounted frame with twin bore nitrided steel barrel and fast change transducer system.



A range of frames, a range of barrels, a range of optional test fittings, instrumentation and software. All these are configured to give you the perfect rheometer to suite your application.

Download Brochure.

Bench top systems - 25kN, 35kN, 50kN, 100kN.
Floor standing systems - 100kN

Open frame system allows:-
.. ease of attachment of ancillary equipment,
.. ease of cleaning,
.. attachment of large optional equipment
(e.g. NFDS is not capable of being attached to any other commercial rheometer)

Ultra high stiffness frames.

Anti ringing frame design to minimise measurement noise.


Speed range :- 1 Million:1 as standard.

Speed :- 500mm/min at full load under all conditions.
- optional 1000mm/min.

Control :- Constant rate or constant pressure.

Zero backlash drive to minimise measurement noise.


Barrel material:- Nitrided steel, Hard stainless steel or Hastalloy.

Bore :- 10 to 32mm diameter.

Anti buckling piston design.

Piston tips in phosphor bronze; tolerance matched to application.

High pressure piston tip system.

Low leakage piston tip system.

Temperature options covering -60c to + 500c.

Fast change transducer system.

Pressure transducers :- 10 psi to 30,000 psi.


High Accuracy: Tungsten carbide, 0.25mm to 3mm Dia with +- 5 Micron tolerance.

Fast change die system: Disposable 90 to 500 micron diameter dies in Stainless steel.

Slot die system.

Coextrusion system.


Die swell options (laser, shadowgraph and camera).

Melt strength (Haul-off) system.

AFSS - Advanced fibre spinning system.

Thermal conductivity system. (New)

Biaxial compression fittings.

Tensile test fittings.

Soft solids fixtures.

Slush (ice) extrusion system: -60c to 0c.


Local PLC in rheometer for fully deterministic control.

SCADA program on local PC for control, data logging, communications and basic analysis.

Advanced analysis in MathCAD and Excel modules.

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Parts for older rheometers

We can supply parts for most older single and twin bore rheometers.
Barrels, dies, pistons, piston tips etc

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Upgrades for older rheometers

We can upgrade older twin and single bore rheometers

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