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Service, repairs, spares

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We can supply a number of service options to meet individual plant requirements including :- Repairs, Spares, Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Proactive Maintenance and Calibration. We can act as an on demand resource, and also implement managed contracts.
We cover various industry types, mainly grouped as :- IT, Test Equipment (Rheometers and Impact), Plant Instrumentation, Kilns-Furneces-Ovens.
Please select an option below or contact us with your requirements.

Resource you can order


Parts for Rheometers

Capillary Rheometer parts - barrels, dies, pistons, heaters, transducers.
MFI parts
Request for Parts

Parts for Impact Testers

All Rosand and Imatek models
Request for Parts for Impact Testers

Breakdown Maintenance

Instant call out service - first come first served.
Ideal for helping with QC problems
Ideal for assessing new sources of materials
Request for Breakdown Maintenance

Maintenance contract

Schedule of preventive maintenance.
Priority call out
Lower call out rates.
Request for Maintenance Contract

Managed service

Ideal for lots of measurement critical instruments.
Considerably lower cost than lots of small vendors
Better control of inventory
No commitment to fixed overheads
Request for Managed Service Contract


Quicksheet - Maintenance Strategy Summary ,

On Demand Testing

Polymer , Ceramics , Paints , Inks , Food , Water based fluids , Organic based fluids

On Demand Training

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On Demand Technical Resources

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