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Media creation

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Bespoke Sculptures

Modern Corporate Sculptures are THE way to state your business. Visitors and staff alike, can see and feel this statement about your companies place in the world. Our sculptures are created by talented individuals who have the rare combination of artistic flair and a deep technical knowledge of working with their materials and techniques.



Technical Artist







The Kingfisher


David Dabreo

David has worked since childhood with metal fabrication. David's feel for metals and their fabrication has been recognised and appreciated in every job and every company he has ever worked with. He leaves a long trail of happy customers !





The Eagle


Anthony (Tony) McLelland

With a background as a time served engineer, Tony has a strong knowledge and experience of metals and structures. He not only has an eye for creating a fine finish on projects, but knows what is stable and easily maintained. He indulges in mechanical designs and easily finds ways to improve designs and ideas. He particularly loves to be challenged by welded structures.


Examples above are around £2,000.00 + materials.

More added detail and more exotic materials will add to the price.


Get quote

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Any metals.



Polished, aged, anodised, painted etc. as required by the clients design



Indoor, outdoor, underwater.

Any special chemical finishes are chargeable as extra.



Floor, wall or as advised.


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