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Thermal properties of Continental Quilts

Continental quilts are rated by their thermal properties. The TOG value of the quilt represents the thermal resistance of the quilt. The higher the TOG value, then the warmer the quilt is.

The TOG value is measured in two methods covered by BS5335. The first method is a comparator, where the quilt is measured relative to a reference 'quilt'. The second method measures the actual heat transmitted (as power) through the quilt.

Historical systems were stand alone systems with discrete instruments placed around the bed. The TOGmaster 2009 is a fully integrated system. It has an easy software interface. It is future proofed through it's industrial SCADA interface.

The system ensures integrity of the testing procedure through the use of continuous data monitoring and logging. It is suitable for continuous use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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Advanced automatic TOG measuring system.

Meets BS 5335.

Compact floor standing bed frame in aluminium for long life and aesthetics.

Electrically operated over quilt sensor frame for :-
... correct gap setting,
... ease of quilt changing.

Touch screen monitor option for ease of operator use.

Local and remote reporting of results and status.

Very stable PT100 sensors on all temperature measuring and control.

Very stable temperature control of main bed and thermal guarding.

Low thermal mass sensors above the bed respond quickly to any thermal changes generated by the quilt.

Power measuring system makes measurements independant of the stability of the electrical supply to the laboratory.



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The system measures absolute values of temperature and power. Additionally, it can give traceable calibration against international reference materials, or your historical data.

The system uses 26 highly stable PT100 sensors for temperature measuring and control. This ensures that the accuracy of the system is maintained over long periods.

The use of a reference power meter. This ensures that the system is immune to changes in the applied mains voltage to the laboratory wherever it is used.

We can also calibrate any historical TOG measuring equipment that you have.

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Instrument Older Test Systems

If you already own an older TOG measuring system, then why not have it updated with the following benefits :-

1. New efficient control system with high precision and shorter testing times.

2. High reliability measurements.

3. Automatic computer control system with advanced data logging and report generation.

4. Automatically log and interface data from stand alone equipment to to the existing laborating data management system (e.g. LIMS).

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Instrumentation for other laboratory equipment.

Our SCADA software is easily configured to interface with any any stand alone test equipment.

Put data acqusition onto non instrumented test machines for more precise and efficient test results.

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Thermal Measurement and analysis.












DrRheology can measure and analyse heat flow. Models of standard heat flow problems are available to help you understand and control the flow of heat in domestic, consumer and industrial applications.

The pictures on the left show the temperature profile of a person sleeping. Basal metabolic modelling combined with heat flow analysis shows how comfortable the sleeper is - or is not.

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